Aviation Charter Solutions, Inc.

About Us

Aviation Charter Solutions started with two veterans in the commercial aviation industry.  Aircraft charter is still on the increase, due to several factors.  With the background of the principals  and their dedication to service and client satisfaction, Aviation Charter Solutions  has been successful in this competitive marketplace in part also due to creative and innovative thinking in this new economy.  We service different clients and markets, each with it's own specific needs, from VIP transportation to holiday charters.  One thing they all have in common, the quickest and most direct route to the destination for the lowest price and without inconveniences.  We will compare rates, give you several options (if available) to choose from, and book the most convenient option for you or your client.

A charter is not only for the Rich and Famous as some destinations are simply not served sufficiently with commerical airlines, or your needs are simply not met with a commerical carrier (large groups, incentives for example).  When you consider destination, number of passengers, time savings you might be amazed how affordable chartering an aircraft can be. 

Another advantage about using Aviation Charter Solutions is that you only pay when you fly; no partial membership costs, no ownership worries, no overhead, no advance reservations.  You fly when you need to!

Aviation Charter Solutions offers charters wordwide from any destination to anywhere in the world. Aviation Charter Solutions is available 24 hours per day to assist you with your charter needs. 

AVIATION CHARTER SOLUTIONS does not own, lease or operate aircraft. AVIATION CHARTER SOLUTIONS is an air charter broker serving discerning corporate clients and leisure travelers through the use of VIP and coach configured airliners as well as small, midsize, and large cabin executive jets for meetings, top-tier incentive programs, live entertainment touring, customer appreciation events and luxury travel.  AVIATION CHARTER SOLUTIONS's stands out through specialization, pricing, and performance. AVIATION CHARTER SOLUTIONS acts as agent for its clients in negotiating and facilitating transportation with licensed air carriers. AVIATION CHARTER SOLUTIONS does not own, lease or operate aircraft and has no affiliation with any air carrier.